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Sage - your business software and services partner

It makes perfect business sense to select Sage as your specialist business software and services partner to enhance the growth and efficiency of your business. Sage is part of the UK based Sage Group plc - with over 30 years expertise in partnering with more than 6 million small and medium sized businesses across 24 countries.

Local Business Management Software Expertise backed by Sage

In addition to Sage’s global reach, the core strength of Sage is an intricate understanding of business customers’ needs in local markets. We have built our success on the majority of our products and services being developed and supported locally - thus delivering directly and specifically to local market requirements. With an extensive range of relevant, high quality business software products and services, utilising the most appropriate technology with support from local experts; we simplify the management of your business processes so you can focus on achieving business success.

Sage leads the way with unparalleled choice of Business and Accounting Software Solutions

With a choice between home-grown business software products and internationally renowned product solutions, Sage delivers on requirements for businesses of any size operating in any industry.

Our business software expertise includes traditional desktop Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources, Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM, and Retail System Solutions. As an industry leader, Sage is committed to progressiveness, innovation and the expansion of our suite of software solutions in tandem with the evolving marketplace.
Recently we have augmented our offering with new generation products - Online Accounting and Payroll Solutions. Sage further supports business growth and development by offering excellent before, during and after sales support.

Choose the winning solution for your company - make Sage the single port of call for all your business management software needs.
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